Parking systems

Atelier Dumon offers specific solutions to maximize the number of parkingplaces in a minimum of space.

Our solutions are:
  • Carlifts and parkingbridges when multiple floors are used to park cars but there is no space available for a slope.
  • Turntables are ideal when there is no space to manoeuver you car or where it is dangerous to access the road backwards.
Atelier Dumon provides customized services and takes responsibility for the entire process from design to assembly of the car lifts and turntables. We always chose quality materials and perfect workmanship what makes these systems cost-effective, efficient and safe to use and maintain. As a customer you can also count on a team of technicians who are permanently available with excellent after sales service.

Preferably, we are already involved in your project at an early stage, especially at the start of the construction plans. You can thus find more information related to the structural facilities and installation dimensions in the attached PDF documents. The necessary CAD drawings can also be requested by contacting our sales department.

Are you interested in our solutions for your parking questions?

Contact us by mail at or call us on +32 50 31 28 01.
Car elevators

Car elevators

These elevators are the ideal solution to a lack of space for a ramp at the entrance of your multi-storey parking.

The production and installation of our elevators is done in close collaboration with the client, contractor(s), architect(s) and end customer. All our elevators meet the latest safety standards and legislation. We install car elevators in new buildings and replace outdated elevators in existing buildings and guarantee a permanent maintenance and repair service.

You wish more information about our car elevators?

Please contact our sales department via or by telephone +32 50 31 28 01.
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Turning car platform

Turning car platform

 A rotary platform rotates the car in the correct position, thus ensuring additional safety where it is for example dangerous for a vehicle to move backwards on the road.

Interessed in our rotating platforms?

Contact us by mail or by phone at +32 50 31 28 01.
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Parking bridges

Parking bridges

Atelier Dumon designs your parking bridge tailored to the building and use.

Our parking bridges can bring vehicles into three different levels (-1 to +1). Using custom-made software an automatic distribution of incoming cars to various floors can be realised. Through the use of a parking bridge, an office can obtain a partition and assignment of cars from visitors and staff to a specific floor

Learn more about our parking bridges?

Please contact our sales department via or by calling +32 50 31 28 01.
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