Why choose Atelier Dumon?

  • One stop shop: from design to installation and maintenance

The major asset of Atelier Dumon is and remains our search for solutions, whether it's fully automated internal transport systems or elevators with a heavy payload. We are a one stop shop. All aspects of the construction process, such as analysis, design, construction, software, testing, installation, service and maintenance, are carried out by us with skill and care.

Our engineering department delivers customized solutions based on the needs of the customer. We prefer close cooperation to achieve the best solutions. In this way, clients from many different industries come to us, as we are ready to respond to specific demands from example the frozen vegetable market or petrochemical industry.
  • Technical knowhow and quality from our Atelier

Quality remains our highest priority. All equipment and systems are designed and manufactured in our own workshop with the best available materials. As a client, you can rely on a sustainable, efficient and professionally finished product that is economical to maintain. Replacement parts can also be carried out at very short notice.

Through years of experience Atelier Dumon has developed andextensive know-how that is even growing every day. All our systems are computer controlled and have the task to facilitate the production and processing of the customer. We therefore constantly invest in advanced technology so that our products are developed to the highest and most modern standards.
  • Successful coorperation and flexibility

As a customer you can rely on a highly trained team of technicians with whom your project is executed from initial start to finish. We are of course preferably already involved in your project at an early stage, however thorough reworking and adapting existing systems is equally possible.

The expertise and flexibility of our staff, both during the design and installation, offers you the guarantee that our solutions are tailored to your needs. You can also rely on a permanent and excellent service 24 hours a day.