Innovation for grain and coal trade

We go back to the year 1955. Maurice Dumon started as an independent constructor and provides an automatic bag lifter for the grain and coal trade. His first invention was patented worldwide and gradually implemented across Europe and beyond.
In the following years, Atelier Dumon is growing fast as a young company. We are working with great dedication to develop, innovate and build an ever wider range of transport systems and hydraulically driven machines.


From frozen pea to 4 x 4: transportation systems and hydraulic elevators

Son Eric Dumon joins the company in 1971 and focuses on the production of hydraulic lifts, an unique concept in the Belgian market. Atelier Dumon is flourishing and starts at the end of the seventies with the construction of stainless steel structures and internal transport systems for the food industry, particularly the frozen food industry. Our technological expertise continues to increase while the production range expands further.

Transport elevatorOur continuous expansion results in the move to the current building complex and grounds in Eriestraat, Industrial Park Ter Poele in 1983. The bureau receives professional backup in the form of a custom written MRP software package that collects all information on product development, costing, purchasing, production and after sales processes smoothly. Our company is ready to tackle larger and more complex projects successfully.

Over the last two decades, Atelier Dumon evolved in an innovative engineering and modern, flexible production system that provides companies, from different industries, with transportation systems from the packing line to the loading dock. The company also focuses on the development and construction of parking systems such as car lifts.

In 2002-2003 Atelier Dumon knows the entry of the third generation with Steven and Thomas Dumon. They provide continuity at Atelier Dumon.

Our ambition and future perspectives

Company historyOur ambitions include first of all the further refinement and expansion of fully automated goods handling systems for different sectors. Transportation systems that are designed and assemblied by Atelier Dumon and wherein there is a cost-effective, practical and reliable operation for the customer.

To accommodate increasing traffic and parking problems, Atelier Dumon is ready to develop on a large-scale parking systems, lifts and turntables. This concerns our full attention to maximize the use of space and safety. All installations are build with the use of quality materials. With our solutions low maintenance is a guarantee.

We have put large and small steps on many fronts in six decades. At first sight, there is a great contrast between the Atelier Dumon in the fifties and the present company. Yet little has changed in essence. Whatever we do, we remain a company that combines advanced knowledge with pragmatic and smart solutions and where quality always is positioned in the centre of attention.

In this way we anticipate the questions and challenges of the future. Challenges we face focused and with great innovation and respond with innovative and sustainable solutions for the benefit of the customer.