As an elevator constructor, Dumon focuses mainly on hydraulic elevators, where the cage is pushed upwards by means of a hydraulic cylinder and a pump unit. All elevators are made to measure and fully compliant with the latest legislation.

At Atelier Dumon you can find:

•   Passenger and goods elevators
•   Small goods elevators
•   Car elevators
Hydraulic elevators offer following advantages. They rest directly on the foundations of a building and an engine room or a technical floor on top of a building is not necessary. The elevators function most optimally with large weights on limited height, while the lack of level differences when entering and leaving the elevator car with heavy loads makes them extremely suitable for industrial use.
Nevertheless, we regularly install hydraulic elevators in residential, historical and public buildings, especially in existing buildings that do not allow a machineroom or technical floor.
In addition to hydraulic passenger and freight elevators, we also provide small goods elevators with a maximum load of 300 kg for example file elevators, kitchen and service elevators. This type of elevator is easy to install and is frequently placed in restaurants.

For more information about elevators? Contact us or make an appointment for a visit via atelier@dumon.com or +32 50 31 28 01.
Passenger and goods elevators

Passenger and goods elevators

Our quality passenger and freight elevators require little maintenance and are ideal for industrial use in warehouses and production areas and this in various sectors.

We also manufacture flameproof elevators for the petrochemical industry and stainless steel elevators for the food industry according strict hygiene standards of this sector.

Our elevators are always custom designed based on your needs. Our experience and knowledge of every detail of hydraulic lifts results in a freight elevator that can handle smoothly the daily rigors of heavy industrial use.

Interested in a DUMON solution for carefree transportation?

Please contact us via atelier@dumon.com or by calling +32 50 31 28 01.
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Service elevators

Service elevators

In addition to passenger and freight elevators, Atelier Dumon also provides service elevators. Their structure is based on a self-supporting metal frame for which no special structural provisions is needed. In this way we can integrate them easily in older, existing buildings.

These smaller elevators are ideal for smooth and safe transport of loads between floors in restaurants, archives, libraries and smaller warehouses.

For more information about this type of elevators? Or you wonder whether a small freight elevator can be installed in your building.

Please contact our sales department and make an appointment with us via atelier@dumon.com or by calling +32 50 31 28 01.
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High-quality Car elevators

High-quality Car elevators

These elevators are the ideal solution to a lack of space for a ramp at the entrance of your multi-storey parking.

The production and installation of our elevators is done in close collaboration with the client, contractor(s), architect(s) and end customer. All our elevators meet the latest safety standards and legislation. We install car elevators in new buildings and replace outdated elevators in existing buildings and guarantee a permanent maintenance and repair service.

You wish more information about our car elevators?

Please contact our sales department via atelier@dumon.com or by telephone +32 50 31 28 01.
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