About Atelier Dumon

Atelier Dumon successfully specialized in internal transport systems for over 60 years. In recent decades, we also added the development and construction of parking systems and electro-hydraulic elevators with lifting capacities up to 10 tons, this for cars or industrial use.

Our focus on innovation, quality and technical refinement

The strength of our company lies in the original design and manufacturing of equipment and machines that represent both an economic saving as a technical refinement of the automation processes in a production environment for the client. Our family business focuses entirely on these processes in various industrial sectors and takes satisfaction from coming up with the best solutions that are technically and financially feasible.

Our customers know us as an innovative company that prefers quality over quantity and we try to amaze the market with new technical solutions. Our current specializations are focused on the food industry in Flanders, particularly the frozen food sector with specific needs in materials and continuous operation in freezing temperatures. But other industries, where the automation of handling and transport is a priority are our target audience. Our transport and elevator systems are without a doubt easily implemented in different sectors, each with their own distinctive needs.


Our method

At Atelier Dumon you are at the right place for the realization of large-scale projects involving the complete material handling and processing that are controlled automatically. As a customer you can expect a thorough and detailed study by engineers of Atelier Dumon. Even starting from a specific need or question in your company, Dumon offers you an appropriate solution that is tailor-made.

Each phase of the project is done in close consultation with the client. A continuous feedback from our customers is therefore an important element in our quest for innovative machines and systems.

After the realisation of a perfected draft, the production at our workshop starts. With emphasis on both quality and sustainability. Since the manufacturing takes place entirely in our own workshop, components that may become defective or worn, can be replaced at short notice. After the commissioning of your installation, we are accessible for service and maintenance 24 hours a day.