Pallet Conveyors System

At Atelier Dumon you are at the right place for your pallet conveyor system. Based on your needs and requirements we provide an efficient and reliable system. Within your company, we take into account the available space, product and pallet types, possible transitions between different working spaces and integration of by example palletizers, wrappers and strapping machines. In short, you get pallet conveyors that are tailor made to your needs.

Our quality conveyors are standard made out of galvanised or stainless steel, to ensure a long life cycle. They work reliably and smoothly in all operating conditions, both in cold, hot or humid.

Wondering how your pallet transport system can work care-free.

Contact us with your questions via or by calling +32 50 31 28 01.

Voorbeelden Pallet Conveyors System